Messaggio del Direttore Kevin McEvoy de “ATELIER FLOWERFIELD” di New York

Hello Giuseppe, It is wonderful to read your email, I’m so glad that you found the Atelier to be pleasing. Years ago when I lived in Italy, a leather bound ream of your exquisite paper was given to me by a friend in Venice, and I cherished every sheet of it. Your paper in hand, I copied Velazquez’ paintings in El Prado, went on to produced drawings in Florence at the Charles Cecil Studios, and eventually returned home to New York. Most of the drawings which I did on your paper were purchased by collectors; however, I did take some photos before they were sent off. Now that I am running my own atelier, I have about fifty students, and my facilities are designed for many more. It is my hope to have my students draw on your beautiful papers in the classes which I now run. I very much look forward to receiving the “cotton paper” catalogue which you have included in my order. I thank you for sending it. I will continue purchasing more paper from you. Thank you for the great work that you do. I plan to return to Italy, sometime later this year. If at all possible, I would be very pleased to pay a visit to your paper mill. Best, Kevin McEvoy

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